Rain continued to be a frequent companion in Austria until winter 2022 and spring 2023, which left us almost without rain or snow. The drying out of the landscape was an eye sore. I started to miss the colors of rain and the visual impact of the earth soaked with rain, the shine and glow of things reflecting in the wet surfaces.
What if a day arrives when we will not be able to see the wetness any longer? Environmental reports are proving, we are straight on the path towards that end.
What exactly will we not be able to see any more? This was the essential question I set out with, and my camera has been my companion to search for answers.
These images are made in an effort to visually preserve a state of being »saturated with natural water« before it may disappear one day. ​​​​​​​
Photographic locations: Vienna, Austria; Ebensee (Lake District) of Austria;
Photo dates: April 2023 to present.
Project status: ongoing
Present scope: 23 images for gallery display
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